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Been a very messed up couple of days. Feeling really sore … if you cannabalize me .. you’d think my brain was soursop. A lot of shit piercing through my mind right now … yet another opportunity presented by him for me to learn from ..

1) Girl – love the feel. I adore her so much I feel like I’m paying for a prostitute .. hate the baggage .. something about our hanging out together that just doesn’t coincide in the chemistry. Got to end it now b4 its too late … was it the right choice … ? Or was there only 1 right choice? I’ll never know … but its me and my firm headedness … my determination for honour in life ..

2) Work – 8 days MC for wisdom tooth op.  Missing some action … feeling like a bloody chao keng but … fuck it la .. just lay back man … and relax .. and make use of your time ..

3) Soccer – I played shitty. It weren’t the opponents. Face it. Cheer up .. move on .. exercise hard … kill them all … I’m the man ..

4) Friends – Alas .. sometimes I feel my mood is more than just affecting me … it affects my friends .. my influence .. is far-reaching … it gives me purpose … and with that comes responsibility … I cannot keep letting them down with my mood swings ..

God bless me .. I’m coming back from depression. I don’t care if Pool don’t win the title … just play well .. and seize the moment … and kick some ass … at least fight than to not fight at all baby .. HOO YAH … Ranger .. here I come ..


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bloody samurai x: reflection anime … don’t even need to talk .. just actions … and it made me tear .. so sad …

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even his coaches are dancing with him!

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Photo with Jason McDonald from the UFC. Caught him in his hometown of Edmonton, Alberta during my student exchange over there.

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Dammit, I so want to fight again … I feel so ready physically and most importantly, mentally.

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Okay. I just came back from my “Welcome to da Jungle” training and I’m having my off. Woo! Super long weekend. Anyway, I came across a blog talking about some new year resolutions and another wrapping up 2008. I realized … hey you know what? It wouldn”t hurt if I did some reflection right here right now.  Are you ready to join me? Oh right! Now put ur right hand on your penis  and lets get it started! (i only have male readers .. like 2 to 3 of them … just like all my friends ..)

2008 Wrap Up!

Jan – Feb: Marked the last semester of my time in NUS. Classes weren’t as packed and involved as before. Moreover, my cap had risen above a certain class so putting in extra effort seemed wasteful. That’s why I dedicated most of my time … (actually I’ve been dedicating most of my time into them already) into my CCAs. Being the captain of NUS Muay Thai fight team, the first and least prepared team of all the varsities, we trained our sorry asses off. I was extremely proud of the dedication put in by the team and myself of course 🙂 Training almost 5 times a week, 2 times a day during the December holidays, we were strong and ready to be porn actors. Endurox and protein galore, gave me the most powerful body ever witnessed so far in Mel’s history. Even the doc was shocked at my heart rate during the medical check up. 48 beats per minute …. whao … and my opponents were right across me as this neutral man murmured his amazement. Did it send shivers down your spine Mr bad guys? Ok enough howlianing la .. the truth, I was totally sastisfied with the opportunity given to me by the man to lead such a team and learn from such great ‘torment’. Come on people … I ran the track with my head gear on … how embarrassing it would’ve been for any Tom, Dick and Harry …. not for me guys .. my self esteem comes from myself .. (5% from society la maybe). NUS Fight Team did win overall on medal tally .. I’m happy for that ultimately it really goes to show that comaderie, teamwork, sacrifice … it all works out as a grand formula for success. Yet, not everything turned out sunflowerily. I did lose in my 1st match that really demoralized the gang. I came out with a bad game plan taking out the SMU captain. The game plan … was … CHEONG AR!!! And I burned myself out after the 1st round. I lost on points but in terms of damage … I totally destroyed his legs. It was so bad that he had to pull out of the next match hence paving the way for me to take out the next SMU opponent. (forgot to mention, I was delighted at the opponents I was facing, I was given 2 SMU opponents while my other best fighter was given 1 NUS and 1 SMU opponent, mine was definitely the more challenging experience, not taking away any credit for my best fighter defeating me in the finals) So I was given a 2nd chance and that totally changed the mood for NUS. I was in high spirits and so was the team man! When facing my 2nd opponent, the truth be told, I said to myself, I will weaken this guy as much as I can so that my other fighter can take him out, otherwise he would be too fresh for him. My arms and legs were totally exhausted at that point of time due to the 1st war. When the bell rang, he started picking me apart. I hardly had power and speed with me. His corner was yelling “He’s tired! He’s tired! Go for him!”. Those words mentally seeped into me. I was being bombarded from his punching ability. Mid way through the first round, I could only manage to cover up as my head started to spin. I almost felt like I was on the verge of being knocked out. But I weathered the storm. Somehow, he slowed down. He had burnt himself out too. I started using unorthodox backfists and leg kicks to disorientate him. What worked into my favour was the fact that the 1st round had accidentally extend to another round. Hence a total of 4 minutes. Come on man, give me credit here. He had a bye in the first round and fresh he was .. yet he burnt out. I started picking him apart. I remember him just covering up at the last part and me giving him 1 solid right hook. BAM! *ring* … stared into his eyes and raised my hands like … “hey dude .. your ass is grass man … WOO!!” 2nd round went about the same way .. he was tired and stuff yada yada … in the end my hand was raised. The 3rd fight was a goner for me .. I hardly had mobility in my legs .. hence my defeat. What can I say? I did what I could in the past … I did not even have a coach .. we trained together and figured out things on our own … NTU and SMU had really experienced captains leading them …. COme on man …. this was really a great feat which I will hold my head up high for man …I would also like to say that I feel more confident as a fighter now … I feel that I’ve technically improved and mentally, I feel like a war machine. Still, I doubt I will ever be fighting again due to the risk of injuries which I cannot sustain due to my job nature. I need to work on getting my BUDs/Ranger badge.

May: Finished my exams … and screwed my convocation. Never felt close to the sociology peeps at all. I guess I just cannot connect to such high class people. Maybe I only feel connected to people in need … they seemed comfortable in their own company … I dunno .. I guess I will work on at least establishing some sorta relationship 🙂

Late May: Phuket was freaking amazing. Travelling alone. Staying in a semi-detached house with an American mate. Got my own bike. Trained muay thai and jujitsu. I think I will go back again one day. Went clubbing for experience sake, grinded a local but never had sex. Wanted to but … I told myself … Aiyah cannot la!

June – August: Returned back to work in NDU. Did 55 course.. good stuff to get me oriented back to NDU. Then spoke and learnt that I would be staying in NDU. Woo! No fleet for me .. I hate that shit.

September: Airborne training, regimental stuff in the commando camp … nevertheless still fun man. Was IC for a week during the modular II training.

September till now: Tact course refresher. Good stuff. Doing the real stuff baby. Learning a lot. Hanging around with really funny people. Feeling comfortable.  Just my cup of tea. Better now tell you too much. =)

in the meantime, I’ve been also heading back to training with the NUS Muay Thai and Biathlon team. Good stuff man .. just like old times, in fact, all this all round training regime thing is keeping me excited and motivated. Its amazing how enthusiasm can really get you to places. Like how shitty my long distance running is .. yet I’ve been clocking pretty good timings. I also had another stupid car accident but screw that .. its over .. time to smile man.

2009 Resolutions

1) Doing something crazy once a week – For me doing something crazy is defined as … talking to a girl. No seriously, I need to invest time in talking a girl at least once a week. Schedule appointments with whatever limited female friends I have to chat or have dinner with. This also means talking to peeps in Muay Thai or Biathlon .. I need to chill baby .. then I’d get enthusiasim spread over to my other elements.  Female biathlon girl … OOoOOo Wee!

2) More focused at work – need to get my sleep cycle right so I get good rest for my early morning hours instead of showing that sleepy face all the time. Need to be more focused and serious … Yee hee!

3) To not be materlistic – my splurge on clothes and shoes is ridiculous… got to stop man. No dreaming of big cars too .. they give short-term happiness and robs me of my riches. Got to appreciate where I am today.

4) Did I mention .. I need more female company. Whether or not I believe I can monk my life away .. I think some sorta interaction would be a lot of good rather than harm. Nevertheless, I will try my best not to lose myself in the process .. not to go crazy in love with ridiculous circumstances like … that young girl .. no way man … got to get someone who can guide me .. who has been through some shit too .. i’m not in just for the sex ..

5) Fitter and better – to train even harder. Physically and mentally more powerful than before … Woo!

6) Read my books – yah to read my books I got off amazon ..

7) My community – help out with Minnows, Muay Thai and Biathlon whenever I can ..

Thats about it folks .. am in a hurry to just click publish and watch tv now .. ok byebye.

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primal fear is the fucking bomb guys. a must watch. the ending was so incredible. that fuckin’ line …

“Plz let Venebles know that I hope her neck didn’t hurt that bad.”

I was like … WHAT THE FUCK … How could he have known … turned out …. it was all …. an act … Shazam my brothers ..

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My mother said, “So handsome.” when Edward Norton acted simple jackly in Primal Fear.